Regulatory pharmacist

Great opportunity

I never thought that I would work for the government bodies, but now I think I have the coolest and the best job ever I could have taken. I had above perfect results for all my exams in university and when my CV was mailed to many societies and many types of pharmacist who my university teach send it to me by passing me a word that he will find me the best job that fits me. One day I got a call from the govemernt and offered me a regulatory pharmacy job and they told me that they needed a person like me a person with a perfect results because the job that they were going to give me is a very important e job for health. I packed my bags to leave my town, got an apartment near my work place, met new people and made new friend. This job surely gave me much more benefits that I thought it would.

Working for the government

Regulatory pharmacists work for Government bodies such as the MHRA, which protects public health. My task is to ensure that medicines submitted by drug companies are safe before they can be manufactured and marketed to the public.

There was a lot of work to do. Also, I advised on and coordinate the approval and registration of pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, complementary medicines, Agrochemicals, pesticides, therapeutic devices, cosmetics and other products.

For this job I needed to combine my knowledge of scientific, legal and business issues to ensure products, which are developed, manufactured or distributed by a wide range of companies. It is hard, but I know I am doing the right thing. Thank to the one that gave out my resume so I could have this job.
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Pharmacy job

Which type of pharmacy job to choose

When I finished with my four-year Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree a one-year pre-registration training course in a pharmacy and a registration exam I needed to decide which of pharmacy job I want to work because there are many of them. I did a lot of searches and thinking so I won’t make mistakes. I hate changing jobs and I needed to get the perfect one for me and with which I can save the patient by interacting with them.

Top 5 jobs

Doing a lot of thinking I chose a top 5 pharmacy jobs which were a bit different from each other. The one that I didn’t truly like but somehow it hit my top 5 is Retail pharmacist. I didn’t like it just because it is in drug stores and sometimes in grocery shop which are open 24/7 where I would have to work a long hour and plows during the weekends, but I would get bigger pay for the trouble and I need to interact with people all the time.
The second is a clinical pharmacist. For this one I would need to work in the hospital, which I like and I need to assist the doctored and nurses. I will be required to accompany the physicians on their round of patients to advise them of the best and most effective medication and doses they need to take. The work time is in day and night shifts, but in some cases I would need to work both.

Nuclear pharmacist was on my list too. For this type of job I needed to get up really early so I could bring the radioactive materials for the digital imaging like MRI and CT scan so the materials need to be delivered before down, within a few hours of use to be effective.

A long-term pharmacist is not a very fun job to do because I won’t be interacting with people I would be responsible for stocking and organizing the charts of prescription and over-the-counter medications for each patient. However, I would have to administrate the drugs as that is the responsibility of the nurse.
And chemotherapy pharmacist who mixes the chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients but not just that. I would need to assess and review chemotherapy drugs to be used by the hospital in order to enhance the quality of pharmaceutical care.

Well, I always wanted to interact with people I for that I needed to work in the hospital so I got the job. Now I work full time, sometimes all day, but I love the job. I help patients to get better every day and after they get better I love watching the smile on them it makes my day. So who wants to help people this is the best medical job. Yes a bunch of studying is required, but worth it. Feeling good about yourself knowing that you have saved a human life.
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Pharmacy technician

Most wanted job in the world

I asked myself what kind of future appeals to me. Do I want challenges, opportunities and a chance to make a difference? My answer was positive, yes. So I chose to be a pharmacist. For a start, I would help people and I would be an important part of the community. There are opportunities for me to work abroad because my skills are in demand all over the world. I would have a good living with a secure future, the job security is excellent, I have a lot of career options and my job will be interesting. I decided that I will be a pharmacy technician.
Pharmacy technician can earn their training while they are working, or through formal programs like in a vocational or community college. Sometimes are looking for license technician requiring a background check and formal examinations. Certification is optional, but certified pharmacy technician has a better employment prospects and their pay is higher.

Different jobs to choose from

Rather than working with one pharmacist in the hospitals and clinics, technicians might work with several who specialize in different pharmacology. But they are mostly responsible for the inventory, which in hospitals includes supplies for intravenous drips and pills. Pharmacy technicians are making rounds to give medications to patients and monitor their condition for future need in other medications. Their role sometimes includes following up with discharge patients to see how are they’re taking their medications.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and research laboratories are looking for pharmacy technicians to assist during clinical trials. Online pharmacies usually use pharmacy technicians to process orders. Vocational and community colleges need experienced pharmacy technicians to give instructors for pharmacy technology training programs.
Working like a technician is going to make me proud.
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Liver cancer

Two bad news

My mother was shocked by what she was told last year. She was told that she had 4th stage liver cancer, which it could even grow into the other organs so the oncologist had to act fast. She was qualified for liver donor because mine wasn’t a match and they found one. Immediately after the surgery, which was a success she was admitted for chemotherapy so they could prevent other cancer cells to grow. It was hard seeing my mother going throughout that. She had few chemotherapies done when we had the second bad news. The cancer had started to grow, but it was a luck that it didn’t grow fast. They place her on radiation two. Oh my, it was so difficult I didn’t even slept from the worries I had. She was young I didn’t want her to die, she still has many things to see that will come in her life. I asked around people even search through the internet to find a better solution or an idea how to make my mother’s life longer if I couldn’t do anything to save her.

Chemotherapy pharmacist

There were many questions asked on the internet like mine. And I found a good solution that I hoped it could prolong my mother’s life. There was a branch of a pharmacist that I didn’t know about. That was a chemotherapy pharmacist that helps in a situation like this. He has to assist the doctors and giving them the best solution about the chemotherapy for each patient to be suitable. “Every hospital has one”, I thought. Then probably the one that is in the hospital where my mother was getting the therapy didn’t give her the right chemoteraphy or just maybe he wasn’t that good. I knew that he did everything he can do, but thinking like that I was comforting myself. I started a search for the best chemoteraphy pharmacist there is in the country so I could transfer her in another hospital.
I found a community that counseled me for the best pharmacist. So I transferred my mother to the hospital where he was. He started her chemotherapy by doing his job as best as he could. Likely he did his miracle. My mum’s cancer was gone. I didn’t know how to thank him for saving her life, a pharmacist saved her.
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